The news is exciting – New Zealand and USA have just announced a joint initiative to create the world’s largest marine park, covering the Ross Sea in the Antarctic. The map below shows the position of the Ross Sea and the Ross Ice Shelf, to the southwest of the Antarctic continent. The size of the park is staggering: almost 9 times the size of New Zealand. Fishing in the area will be tightly controlled, and will include an exclusion zone – this was an initial stumbling block for New Zealand but an agreement was subsequently reached.

Ross Sea Marine Park

Site for the proposed Ross Sea Marine Park
(map courtesy of Wikipedia)

US, NZ call for giant Antarctic Marine Park
The Age, on Tue, 19 Mar 2013 01:27:35 -0700
Kerry and New Zealand’s ambassador to the US, Michael Moore, announced yesterday a joint New Zealand-US proposal to establish a Marine Protected Area, or MPA, in the Ross Sea, a 1.9 million-square-mile area off the Antarctic coast. “When it comes to

According to the National Geographic, the area needs research to determine fully its resources, but 38% of the continent’s Emperor penguins make their homes there, and 26% of Emperor penguins.

Approval of the proposal is not necessarily guaranteed; the European Union and 24 countries must meet in July in Germany to approve. We keep our fingers crossed! Here is a video that provides an excellent background to the Ross Sea and the case for preserving it as much as possible:-