This group of islands lies at the northern end of the Antarctic Peninsula and is frequently visited because of its scenery and wildlife and the location closest to Tierra del Fuego. The islands stretch over 540km and consist of four main island groups.

King George Island: On King George Island flights to and from Chile arrive. Mostly approached from Fildes Bay, there is the possibility to enjoy Antarctic scenery and often the Chilean Base Frei and the Russian Base Bellingshausen are visited.

Deception Island: Very frequently visited island, located between the southeastern side of the Shetlands and the Antarctic Peninsula, has a broken-ring shape formed from its collapsed volcanic cone and is known as the safest natural harbor of the world. When entering the harbor the rock formation on the sides and its colors are to be noted. The Whalers Bay where the ships lands features a black sand beach in clouds of sulfur scented steam, perfect for warming up the feet.

Aitcho Island: This island is part of the South Shetland Islands, located between Greenwich and Robert Islands. It is covered with moss and lichens and is home to Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins.