Although not sub-Antarctic, the Falklands are still very popular to visit in combination with an Antarctic itinerary. They lie 490 km east of Patagonia and consist of two main islands, East and West Falkland as well as around 700 small islands. The islands are hilly or mountainous and feature several unusual species of plants, five types of penguin and many other uncommon birds.

Stanley: The small capital of the Falkland Islands on the eastern island has its own very special charm thanks to its houses built from stone, timber from shipwrecks and brightly painted roofs, which contrast with the landscape.

Saunders Island: On Saunders Island on the northwest side of West Falkland, it is possible to observe four species of breeding penguins such as Gentoo, King, Magellanic and Rockhopper, as well as Black-browed Albatrosses and King Cormorants.

Carcass Island: Carcass Island is a small island west of Saunders with a variety of wildlife such as Magellanic and Gentoo Penguins, Water Fowl, Night Herons, Passarines.