An Antarctic cruise is for most a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience. There is no comparable place on earth combining the endless wilderness with the beauty of ice, water, snow, and with wildlife that is unique and fascinating to observe. Cruises are both expensive and normally involve considerable travelling to reach, so researching and making the right selection is very important.

Antarctica is the only continent that remained largely unexplored until 200 years ago, when a spirit of adventure and scientific curiosity attracted early explorers. Tourists are a relatively recent phenomenon: they first came to Antarctica in 1957, before which time only whalers, explorers, and scientists visited the region. In 1966 the first annual trips were offered.

The extreme features of Antarctica, its isolation from other continents, and the harsh weather and freezing temperatures, have prevented settlement of any native population. There are only two ways to reach Antarctica, by boat or by plane, and the season for visits to Antarctica is essentially summer when weather and ice conditions are less hostile.