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Expedition ships

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“The trip was a wonderful and memorable experience, the boat crew, food, guides and places were great, they made you welcome and were very helpful with informative lectures.  Thanks for everything Laura, I would recommend Antarctic Dream for a trip because it’s a smaller operation, more personal and efficient . ”
Bernie Jones

“The Antarctica cruise – it was a fantastic experience to visit all the islands on the way down to the Antarctic Peninsula. The guides on board and their lectures were almost scientific, which I personally liked. The vessel was not a luxury one, but I think they could have given proper weather forecasts and even some news service as the vessel was very slow (9- 11 knots) and we spent many days at sea. All in all we liked the cruise very very much, and it’s clear that Antarctica is a lifetime experience and it is difficult to find words to describe it. Finally Laura I want to thank you for the superb service given, we certainly want to come back if and when we are heading to South America again.”
Tage and Leena B

“I had an incredible time all around. I would highly recommend traveling with air-cruise again. The expedition staff were highly professional, personable and always put safety first for the passengers. The crew were also very good along with the food and services. We even had a wedding ceremony! The sights were phenomenal! We were able to a landing in all of the scheduled areas. It was an amazing opportunity to see such wonders! I really wish that they will consider adding another 2 days to that particular itinerary.  By the time all of us as passengers really got accustomed to the sailing and the zodiac tendering, the trip was over. As unpleasant as sailing through the Drake Passage was, I am glad we did it! The Ocean Nova ship was okay. It certainly sufficed for our purposes! It was a tremendous experience!!”
Marsha W